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BRAND NEW: Straightline Super Cycler Ad Platform

Currently 198ย members are in this,ย take FULL advantage!

There is no mass marketing or social media posting yet until they give the go ahead this week.

3 ร— 1 ย Straightline Super Cycler Ad Platform will change lives this year

The system is designed to place members in a straight line, based on the time they register for services and purchase their ad packages, no matter who refers them!

Get serious about this, because it’s going to take our niche by storm!

Minimum deposit is $5
Minimum withdrawal is $10

No multiple accounts – you don’t need em’

Compensation Plan Explained (3-minutes):

How To Purchase (5-minutes):

If you really want to maximize the compensation plan, get 3 of each position.

Membership fee will increase when 1000 members are reached.

Oxy Media – Earning Based On Real Media Buys!

Advertising Happens 24/7 With Or Without You, Now You Can EARN Handsomely From It!

Earn Up To 55% PER MONTH From The Global Media Market

This new platform has the perfect business modelโ€ฆ

How It Works:

You buy “packs”

Those funds are used the to buy Ads, which in turn generate sales.

OXY Media is then able to advertise and generate new signups on websites who pay top dollar for each sign up, and we earn dividends.

It’s a simple, passive and a very different way to earn online..

Mainet – World Class Passive Automation

BRAND NEW: Earn Up To 4x Times Your Money!

This has just launched, and getting on this right away will be very advantageous for you.

The owner behind this project is a true Entrepreneur. Just wait until you see his background. WOW!

You can view that here before deciding if you want to be involved with a person of his caliber: (password: checkmate)

Here Are The Starting Points:

 โœ”๏ธYou earn a straight sustainable 0.75 per day, regardless of your plan.

โœ”๏ธ Earn up to 4x’s your license purchase or after 365 days

โœ”๏ธ Payments are every day

โœ”๏ธ Minimum entry point, only $25! 


  • Up to 0.75% per day
  • Up to 3.75% per week
  • Up to 15% per month
  • Up to 400% per year (password: checkmate)

Affordable Starting Plans:


Deposits and Withdrawals are in USDT TRC20




Stay tuned for one more good passive income stream I’ll share very soon!

The ASL Difference

“If you are reading this right now, consider yourself in the right place at the right time…

There is a potential here of turning $100 into 1 Million.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘€ Listen To This Tremendous Project ๐ŸŽฅ

The Royal Family in Dubai is part of this project, and our upline has been in Dubai for the past month in meetings with the Prince.

Time Sensitive

Tokens have just went from 1 cent to 2 CENTS! They just DOUBLED everyone’s token holdings, thus monetary VALUE! They will continue to rise in value.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t miss the next increase, because at any moment they can go up.

When you can get them now for 2 cents, why wouldn’t you?

Token purchases are with BNB coin.

This is a unique project and opportunity.

How To Proceed

To fund with BNB Coin (Smart Chain) BEP20, follow below:

Please watch this short tutorial on how to set up:

You’ll need Metamask wallet with some BNB in it.

This is the info you need:

Go to this website:

REFERRAL CODE: 0x3D358991Ec0d94310eAA125dFD2a9446Df2ff13C

I am using Metamask on desktop, but you can also use your mobile phone. Metamask on desktop is an easier experience.

Instructions For Mobile: Start at Minute 12 to 18:

Earn $6.25 PER DAY Free With MINEBASE



This is a way to earn money without investing a dime.

It is a brand new discovery in the world of cryptocurrency.

Experts call it an evolution.

It’s simple and you’ll really like it.

I call it a cool money maker.

But see for yourself!


To earn, you simply enter a daily a code which will be given to you.

Once you enter the code, you instantly receive $6.50 USD! Each day.

That’s $195 a month.

Withdrawal is possible after having submitted 20 codes ($130).

However, you can earn even more with Minebase.

Just let others know about Minebase too, and you receive 10% of their earnings as a bonus!

10% is $0.65 for each person.

Do you know 10 people? Then your reward will be another $6.50 a day!

That’s $390 a month!

Of course, if you know even more people, your earnings will have no limit.

See the website here, or go directly to the registration link below.

These are the steps:

1. Register at:

2. Confirm your received email

3. Click on Wallet โ€“ Activate the two “Generate Addresses”

4. Click on CTP โ€“ (Period of Time)

5. 25 hours later, go back and click on CTP and Period of Time

6. If it has been 25 hours within the APP you will be shown a ‘code.’ Enter the code in the field provided, and you will receive $6.50 USD!

7. Repeat daily STEPS: 5 and 6 again 25 hours later

You’ve got nothing to lose, Enjoy!

Register on the exchange where the Minebase tokens can be sold:


Don’t forget to enter your code every 25 hours to increase your earnings, and

share with others to bless them with this free earning method.

Minebase YouTube Channel:


Get A FREE $250!

Please pay attention. There is NO money out of pocket to start. In fact, there is no affiliate program. I am sharing this because it can truly be a blessing to you.

NOW Proceed Below and Redeem Your Free $250…

Here’s a way to get $250 free to start with a new company that has been in development for over 10 years. 

The $250 you receive is totally free for the first 5000 members. Once your account is fully set up you’ll receive ‘yield’ which is similar to interest but since it’s not a bank it can’t be called ‘interest’. 

Enter your name in the form below EXACTLY as it appears on your identification because they will be doing KYC. Only ONE account person. If found adding more accounts, ALL accounts will be deleted and that person is banned.

Please make sure you follow the steps outlined in the PDF files that will come with your initial email containing the signup link and your E-Token #. 

It is CRITICAL to save the E-token number, as it is a required item for logging into the website for CSC.

It is free money that will grow pretty quickly. 

Once they have 5,000 people signed up, the $250 free money offer goes away, so hurry and get yourself signed up. 

There is no requirement for you to deposit even a penny to be able to withdraw the money once they have reached 5,000 and opened the payment gateway. 

We’re approaching 4,000 based on the last numbers. 

It’s a super simple way to make some extra money without needing to invest anything, so come join us. 

INTRODUCTION To ERC Business Stimulus Funding

Hello and welcome. My name is Lori Petrosino, and I am an independent intermediary for businesses like yours to receive relief funding through the U.S. Government’s ERC program. That is the Employee Retention Credit Act.

This relief funding Act was put into effect and made available in March of 2020 to aid businesses due to Covid 19 shutdowns.

Under the CARES Act, the U.S. government has set aside 2.1 Trillion dollars for businesses stimulus, and you can receive up to $26,000 PER employee.

This is not a loan, and funds do not need to be repaid. These funds are yours to do with as you see fit.

The Jorns and Associates CPA firm is one of the top 3 firms in the country that specializes in collecting this non-pay back funding for businesses.

Jorns is the ONLY one of the 3 which is an accredited CPA firm, with 200 licensed CPA’s who specialize ONLY in assisting you so that filing is completed correctly, and so that you receive the MAXIMUM amount you are entitled to.

Jorns average retrieval is $21,000 PER EMPLOYEE in the allotment of funds.

If you’ve heard of the ERC Act, and even if you have filed for it, you may not be aware that you are entitled to file for multiple quarters.

While there are tax preparers who will file on your behalf, they are not specialists and therefore may inadvertently misunderstand the qualifications and specifications of filing and therefore provide incorrect guidance, or not retrieve the amount you are entitled to.

This is where Jorns And Associates expertly guide businesses. You’ll know BEFORE any filing is done, exactly how much you qualify for, down to the penny.

You could be filed and set for your entitled stimulus check up to $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE just weeks from now.

Fill out the form and someone from Jorns And Associates will contact you.

Take advantage of retrieving the stimulus funds that were put aside for businesses like yours and breath a little easier in your day to day business.


THIS IS REAL! | Itโ€™s NOW! | Itโ€™s HUGE!! It’s FREE TO JOIN!

This is a U.S. Government sponsored program (hence the really big money), it is only available to U.S. residents. However, there will be a private option for those outside of the U.S. who want to earn BIG money with this too (ask me about it).

You are going to see how the pandemic opened up a whole new income sector in which over a Trillion Dollars is marked for businesses to be GIVEN AWAY TO THEM with no repayment!

It’s called the ERC program (Employee Retention Credit Act)... which was created under the CARES ACT during US business shutdowns, etc. in 2020 and 2021. Feel free to do a Google search, it’s as real as it gets.


The company's number one earner has earned over $50 MILLION dollars the first year of this company.

There are also several people right now earning in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH, ALL IN THE FIRST YEAR!

You can get paid 6 figures, and potentially 7 figures in the next year for GIVING-AWAY FREE money (from the U.S. Governmentโ€™s ERC Program) to Businesses.

Who can’t GIVE AWAY MONEY? No matter WHAT job or business you have… you need to take a very serious look at this. You could crush this, and potentially earn more than a full-time job. Potentially (but realistically) much more.

You literally share this web page with businesses, and the 5-minute video converts like crazy. Don’t even want to do that? Get a team of people who WILL do this… Get paid 5 LEVELS DOWN! You’d be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity.

The CPA firm does ALL the work, you just direct businesses to them. They are specialists in ERC filing (within the CARES ACT), and answer all questions business owners have, and close the deals FOR YOU! You do not need to be “Super Salesman” to make BANK here, within weeks from today.

MUST WATCH VIDEO (27-minutes)

THIS is real. And, it’s SUPER SIMPLE to actually do.


Take this all in and read it TWICE if you need to!

THINK about what you just learned and absorb it.

If you see how BIG this is…. Take ACTION!

You WILL be hearing about this from everyone, so join for free and introduce it to everyone!

You can start telling businesses, (even churches) about the free money program from the U.S. Treasury. STARTING TODAY. 

Know any businesses in your area? know people who own businesses? We all do!

Money is not only something local business owners want… many of them NEED it just to stay in business. You can help them, at no cost.

All you will do is share the 5-minute video with them and the income potential from even just one business is life changing.

For example, if you find a company that has 100 employees, and they receive the average the CPA firm usually gets them, ($21K) for each employee, you would earn around $84K in commissions! From one business!

EIGHTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS just for the ONE REFERRAL. It’s really a rather easy ‘sale’. The CPA firm closes all deals for us. You just refer the businesses to them.

Keep in mind… you’re not selling them anything. You are simply asking them if they want free money from the US Treasury through the ERC program.

Suggestions for you, and your partners: You can drop off cards or flyers in-person to local businesses, call them, text and email them, send postcards, join the local Chamber, Business Meetups groups, advertise, etc. Start by calling the business owners you know. Ask friends for referrals. How hard is it to GIVE AWAY FREE MONEY?!!

This is probably the best income opportunity you or I will ever see.

See the Top Income earner interviewed
How it works
Team Resources Page

(Ignore the ‘Snap Delivery’ stuff, ERC was added to their business portal)


1. Register hereย andย sign up as a customer/ agent (for free). Your sponsor/referral will show asLoriAnn11448282Petrosino‘ย | NOTE: Ignore the “Delivered: Order-Eat-Repeat” information, you are at the right spot. The company also operates a restaurant / food delivery service but for the purposes of what we are doing here you can ignore all of that information when you get in your back office.

2. Once you sign up you will automatically be logged in to your back office. Ignore the food delivery service that Snap also operates.

3. You can find your link under the “My Referral Links” tab in the left-side menu.

Login to the back office, you will automatically be on the “Overview” page.

Click on the “My Referral Links” tab in the left side menu.

On the referrals page, In the “Refer Customers” box click on “Copy Referral Link.”

It will automatically copy your link so you can ‘Paste’ it into an email or webpage.

Immediately let me know you have registered so that I can send you a welcome email with tons of goodies to get you started connected with businesses right out the gate!

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