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This page will help you on the road to your new career in Internet Marketing.  Utilize what you learn in the Internet Marketing training videos you find on this page (more will be added shortly, so refer back often).

Even if some of my videos mention a certain company, you can apply what you learn here to ANY business you are promoting now and in the future.

Watch the most recent LIVE Facebook Marketing Basics Training that I did in Amsterdam if you want to see how you can grow your business with ZERO marketing costs and generate the most targeted leads for free.

Facebook Marketing Basics Training


What you should know about the 4 Core Basics of Internet Marketing that you can apply to ANY business!

Internet Marketing Training

A LikesXL Marketing Funnel like the one mentioned in the video is created for your use.

If you are a serious business owner, you need a funnel. A funnel system is the back bone of ANY business and is the type of marketing that will set you apart from people who just ‘share’ their page without collecting the leads.

The marketing system being used here is called: Power Lead System. You may already have PLS but if you do not, you can be up and running with it today.

** IMPORTANT: PLEASE contact your sponsor FIRST BEFORE getting the funnel directly from the page below. If your sponsor has PLS you will want to ask for their funnel link.

There will be more funnels available to use shortly, but this is the first one and it’s been tested and working really well.

You can see the video I made about it here…

Use this page to set up your LikesXL Marketing Funnel and follow the instructions exactly to get your funnel up and running.


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  1. Thank you very much it;s a lovely training session.The first of all ,what books do you read to get you to a right mind-shape?How do you managing to maintain that will power to go on? And ,secondly is there anyone who could help me to get started with your training program in London(UK)?

  2. Hi Lori, does the PLS Funnel have a built in Autoresponder with messages specifically for the Likesxl Business.

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