How To Get MASSIVE Post Interaction

Getting interaction on a social media post is a formula. That formula starts with a good, enticing post that creates curiosity, thus response.

Do not mention the name of your company or product. The goal is to make the viewer curious so that they ask you about it.

Start by deciding what you want the outcome of your post to be. Then follow the steps below.

The steps outline posting on Facebook, but you can use the procedure for any social media platform.

  1. Create an intriguing post. A good idea is to state a benefit someone would get from your offer, and to pose a question.
  2. Create an eye-catching image to go along with your text. I use Canva for this, it’s easy to use and has incredible images, text, filters, editing… everything you need.
  3. Use EMOJI’S ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ”ฅ and use enhanced text. For instance, you can use Soci Snap to do this, it’s an invaluable tool!
  4. Tag a few people in your post (people you talk to regularly) that you know could benefit from knowing about it.
  5. Post to social media, ‘LIKE’ your post.
  6. Post the first comment yourself. Add a little more additional information or excitement but do not post the name of the product or company. ‘LIKE’ that comment as well.
  7. Ask a family member or a few friends to ‘LIKE’ and comment on your post. The engagement will trigger Facebook’s algorithm to show your post to more of your friends and followers.
  8. ‘LIKE’ and comment on ALL COMMENTS THAT happen on your post.
  9. If they are asking for the information, comment back that you will send the information to them via email. Ask for their email. If you prefer to send info via the messenger chat, be careful of how many times you put a link in the chat. Facebook can penalize you or put you in ‘Facebook jail’ if you do this too often.
  10. LIKE’ your response to their comment.
  11. Have a well constructed email to send them when they ask for the info and send it as soon as possible.
  12. Follow up with them within 24 hours.

Remember… never say the name of the company throughout the process of comments coming through. The introduction to information will come from your email.

Within your email it’s up to you weather you want to send them to a capture page or directly to a page with the info.

Personally, I give them the info they ask for straight away using a well constructed email with ‘to-the-point’ information and a good video or sales page. Make the process easy for them.

Do not be discouraged if you don’t get the interaction you desire, not all posts will be a winner, but if you follow this strategy every time you are looking for results, the practice will pay off!

Happy posting!

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