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Secret ‘Shortcut’ To Hold Your 1st Zoom Meeting

Recently I hosted a Zoom meeting where almost 400 people attended.

It got me thinking about how you may have thought about holding a webinar at some point in your online career, but something may be holding you back.

Early on, I wanted to hold a webinar, but didn’t feel confident enough.

l learned a shortcut a few years back, and the first time I used this shortcut, I couldn’t believe it was this easy.

There is no reason you couldn’t use the secret shortcut too if you want to see your business really start to grow.

Here’s how to do it:

1️⃣ Open a free Zoom account (100 person account | 40-minute meeting)

2️⃣ Write a little intro script introducing your business, so you have what you want to say right in front of you. You don’t even need to be on camera, you can simply have a photo up.

3️⃣ PLAY A RECORDED VIDEO PRESENTATION for your live webinar attendees, and let it do the biz opp explaining for you! (Share screen/Allow audio)

4️⃣ Say a few words at the end. Done. You just did your first webinar with someone else doing the presentation!

I truly hope you use this method, because you will begin to see real results when you do.

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New Facebook ‘Messenger Notes’ Feature

🗨️ Yet another way to create exposure to your list of Facebook friends is to use the new Facebook Share a Thought feature.

This feature is only available from your mobile device (not available on desktop).

The notes feature allows you to post up to 60 characters and appears as a speech bubble beside your profile picture in Facebook messenger.

Below you will find a few photo’s to show you how to access the new feature.

  1. Open up Messenger and tap on the + sign next to your profile picture
  2. Add a thought note by typing in the text bubble
  3. Click ‘Share’
  4. The thought note pops up and appears for 24 hours for your contacts to see

So give this new feature a try. Change or re-add your thought note every 24 hours and have fun with it.

I’ve had quite a few people reach out regarding the note and wanting to know more, so it works well.

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