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The Dynamic Duo – See If You Can Sleep!

You Are About to Discover an Amazing, Powerful Yet Simple Mega Opportunity (In Fact 2 Powerful opportunities) Where You Can Work 100% From Your Phone and Make Lots of Cash$… Even if you NEVER personally sponsor anyone!

No need to even speak to anyone… but if you do share – Get ready For the Magic!

You can be one of the FIRST people to join these amazing companies! (Both of these programs are available internationally.) But…

It will not stay a s secret for long. 

If you find yourself salivating for no apparent reason, just wait until you see more!


I discovered two incredible opportunities that work together synergistically to make you the most money possible. They are the perfect complement of each other and uses the hottest technology.

There’s absolutely no technical knowledge required on your part, and they have an amazing compensation plan to go along with it.

There is no time to waste, you need to see these right now!

The companies are open worldwide, but using the texting technology you’ll learn about below, is only for U.S. marketing campaigns.

You can join asap below. After registering, be sure to fund with your $45 to lock in your spot in the matrix before others… DO IT RIGHT NOW!

The earlier you join, the higher up you are placed which is a huge advantage. But not just 'join', you must fund your account to lock in a spot in the matrix before others 

Join Program #1 ==>

PROGRAM #1: Is a simple 3 x 10 business platform that will be the entry way into the second company. This First company is designed as a Funnel System for the Second business.

It is designed to automate the process in joining Program #2. 

Simply join, fund to be placed in the matrix. Benefit from spillover, or drive some traffic to one of the premade sales funnels, and earn a monthly income (best option for earning the BIG money). It’s Free with 3 direct people.

With the 3 x 10 forced matrix, you earn from the efforts of those people above you and the people below you up to 10 levels deep – you really do not need to sponsor anyone to earn! However, being a proactive marketer, will enhance your earnings multi-fold! 

Program #1 ==>


Join Program #2 ==>

Program #2: Explosive Optin rates

-You will see as much as a 97% open rate within minutes!

-You Get Big Money. Potentially lots of REALLY Big Money! Watch videos to see how it works…

-You Don’t Have to Sponsor Anyone, but if you do, you earn even more

-You Get Your Own Exclusive 800 Number set up for you

-You Get Unlimited Keywords.

-You can set up your Automated System for unlimited companies and or products

-No Contracts

-This will be your “Go to Tool” to promote this and or ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT!

 – This goes Way beyond Marketers. You can reach out to ANY business online or offline, and they can use it to increase their business, market reach, and brand.

SMS Marketing (also known as Short Message Service marketing) is a tool used by businesses to send promotional text messages to their customers. I know you have seen them like, “Text Free Pizza” to 555-555-5555. This is perfect for sending customers product updates, special offers, or event invitations. The most important part of SMS marketing is that customers will opt themselves in to receive your messages. SMS marketing is simply the most effective way to build an audience and generate more revenue. You will learn all of this and more…

You Also Get a TON of Marketing and Training:

– 5 Done-For-You Video Capture Pages

– Training Videos You Can Watch on Your Own Time

– Telegram Group for Free Help

– “The Hottest New Marketing Method of All Time!” Cell phones are here to stay!

-A Free Position in The Company Rotator to Bring Sales Automatically! This is huge!

Simple and EASY Compensation Plan

– Easy to understand.

– Top position in the company 3 x 10 ‘follow your sponsor’ forced matrix

– No Sponsoring Required

– $40 Per Person Fast Start Bonus on Anyone You Personally

– Monthly commissions on your entire downline whether you sponsored them or not!

– Your cost is Free with 3 people on your front line.

– You Can Earn on ALL 10 Levels with No Sponsoring.

-The only qualification is that you pay your monthly fee (Refer 3 people and it’s free)

– Amazing New Technology lets you build any personal business, build for clients or both!

– Start a new campaign anytime you want

– Unlimited Campaigns

– Set-up unlimited drip messages

– Set-up businesses if you want to, and charge them a monthly fee

(Just manage their 800# auto text messages… This is hot, Hot HOT!

Why Is This So Special?

– You are positioned at the perfect time. (High in the Matrix) company just began!

– 97% of text messages are read within the first 1-3 minutes, grow your business faster

– There is nothing “Techie” to learn

– The average American is on their phone 23 hours per week! That’s ONE entire days’ worth of time each week! Doubt this? Start keeping track of how much time you are on YOUR smartphone

– You Get Everything you need to start earning money immediately, like RIGHT NOW!

– The System does the work for you! Set-up is simple and easy, w/support just one email away

-We teach You how to get Traffic and much much more.


– You Get How to Win on YouTube

– You Get How to Win on Tik Tok

– You Get How to Win on Craigslist

– You Get How to Win on Facebook

All tools can be used for ANY business you have!

So many people are looking for a way to secure financial freedom more than ever before.

Do this now, before others get in ahead of you.


Any questions? Please email support:

The Dynamic Duo has the potential to earn you 10 times the average American salary, EVERY MONTH!


See you on the team. ;))

Join the Telegram group to see how to become part of the company rotator. A great freebie for your promotions!

In the back office of TextALN, you will need to fill in your Landing Page number 1 from the matrix empire.

To find your Marketing pages click on “Marketing” on the left menu then “*Categories” at the Bottom to see the various pages available to you. There are many. 

This will enable people to enroll from the primary company, TextALN, directly into your Matrix Empire downline. 

So, first, log into the Matrix Empire back office and grab your “Landing page #1 link”. This is the page that has the videos that explains everything but without them needing to opt-in, since they are finding out from within your TextALN member’s area! 

Then log into TextALN and paste that link into your “Profile” page under “My Account” on the upper left. It is the sixth box down, then click “SAVE CHANGES”. You Must Save Changes! 

You can see on the left side menu at the very bottom inside your TextALN member’s area it will say get the Matrix Empire. You can see an example by clicking on that link. You should go to a new page that shows My landing page number 1 for Matrix Empire. You will not see your own site there because you are in your member’s area where I am your Upline sponsor. But when your people click that same button, they will see You as their sponsor. You can also do something similar in reverse. Take your “Username” only from TextALN and paste that into the box in the Matrix Empire members area under “My Account” and then “My Profile”, it will say “TextALN Username”. Paste your “TextALN Username” there and click SAVE CHANGES. Now, when a member of yours starts in the Matrix Empire they have your link back to TextALN if they so choose to do both programs. 

Earn $6.25 PER DAY Free With MINEBASE



This is a way to earn money without investing a dime.

It is a brand new discovery in the world of cryptocurrency.

Experts call it an evolution.

It’s simple and you’ll really like it.

I call it a cool money maker.

But see for yourself!


To earn, you simply enter a daily a code which will be given to you.

Once you enter the code, you instantly receive $6.50 USD! Each day.

That’s $195 a month.

Withdrawal is possible after having submitted 20 codes ($130).

However, you can earn even more with Minebase.

Just let others know about Minebase too, and you receive 10% of their earnings as a bonus!

10% is $0.65 for each person.

Do you know 10 people? Then your reward will be another $6.50 a day!

That’s $390 a month!

Of course, if you know even more people, your earnings will have no limit.

See the website here, or go directly to the registration link below.

These are the steps:

1. Register at:

2. Confirm your received email

3. Click on Wallet – Activate the two “Generate Addresses”

4. Click on CTP – (Period of Time)

5. 25 hours later, go back and click on CTP and Period of Time

6. If it has been 25 hours within the APP you will be shown a ‘code.’ Enter the code in the field provided, and you will receive $6.50 USD!

7. Repeat daily STEPS: 5 and 6 again 25 hours later

You’ve got nothing to lose, Enjoy!

Register on the exchange where the Minebase tokens can be sold:


Don’t forget to enter your code every 25 hours to increase your earnings, and

share with others to bless them with this free earning method.

Minebase YouTube Channel:


Get A FREE $250!

Please pay attention. There is NO money out of pocket to start. In fact, there is no affiliate program. I am sharing this because it can truly be a blessing to you.

NOW Proceed Below and Redeem Your Free $250…

Here’s a way to get $250 free to start with a new company that has been in development for over 10 years. 

The $250 you receive is totally free for the first 5000 members. Once your account is fully set up you’ll receive ‘yield’ which is similar to interest but since it’s not a bank it can’t be called ‘interest’. 

Enter your name in the form below EXACTLY as it appears on your identification because they will be doing KYC. Only ONE account person. If found adding more accounts, ALL accounts will be deleted and that person is banned.

Please make sure you follow the steps outlined in the PDF files that will come with your initial email containing the signup link and your E-Token #. 

It is CRITICAL to save the E-token number, as it is a required item for logging into the website for CSC.

It is free money that will grow pretty quickly. 

Once they have 5,000 people signed up, the $250 free money offer goes away, so hurry and get yourself signed up. 

There is no requirement for you to deposit even a penny to be able to withdraw the money once they have reached 5,000 and opened the payment gateway. 

We’re approaching 4,000 based on the last numbers. 

It’s a super simple way to make some extra money without needing to invest anything, so come join us. 

Linktree Tool For Link Sharing – Use It For Free

Here’s a great free tool you can use that will make your marketing life SO MUCH easier!

It’s a way for you to share links to all your programs, products, services or opportunities, all in ONE place.

Here’s a 3-minute tutorial on how to use it. Just follow along and set it up in MINUTES.

You can get to Linktree by going to where you can register a free account.

Here’s an example:

Enjoy creating and sharing!

13 Insanely Clickable Email Subject Line Examples

#1: The Bold And Audacious Subject Line

#2: The “Fomo” Subject Line

#3: The Introspective Subject Line

#4: The Controversial Subject Line

#5: The “If-Then” Subject Line

#6: The “Remember The One Time…” Subject Line

#7: The “Note From A Friend” Subject Line

#8: The “Only Open If” Subject Line

#9: The Social Identity Subject Line

#10: The “Here’s Your Thing” Subject Line

#11: The Cliff-Hanger Subject Line

#12: The “Belief Challenger” Subject Line

#13: The “You Can Do Better” Subject Line