Six Subject Lines That Skyrocket Engagement

The #1 question about _______

This subject line works in email and as the title of a blog post as well. The reason it works so well is that it creates both curiosity and a desire for a shortcut.

When used in email it creates higher open rates because people want to see if what you are saying is “the” number 1 question is their question too.

HINT: If you use this in email do not reveal the answer in the email. Get them to click a link to get the answer.

The one thing every _______ needs to know about _______

This works well every time for a simple reason; it helps the reader connect to the message in a powerful way.

Let’s say your subject line is “The one thing every man over 55 needs to know about testosterone”

The reason this subject line works is that it is specific and addresses a problem you know men over 55 have. Experiment with this one and you will find that it is both powerful and versatile.

The fastest way to get started with _______

This one works well because people are all in a hurry. Everyone wants everything now. Our society went from postal mail to faxes to email to text messages in less than 2 generations.

With each advancement in technology our patience has worn thinner and thinner. While you might have expected a response to a fax in a few days you now expect a response to a text in minutes or seconds.

You can benefit from that trend by providing readers with the fastest way possible to get the benefit you offer them. That’s what they want anyway, so why not give it to them?

The top three ways to _______

While people often want “the” answer to a thing they also want choices. They sometimes don’t trust that we are giving them “the” answer and want to make their own decisions.

This subject line satisfies readers because it objectively presents the three top alternatives and lets the reader choose which fits them best.

The three must have resources if you want to _______

People love tools. They love resources. People have an innate sense that what is missing in their experience is the right tool.

While the right tool can make a huge difference for us, many mistakenly think that using the same tool as some guru will help success come faster.

I have been SO guilty of this over the years it’s almost embarrassing to admit.

You can tap into the idea that the right tool can make all the difference by using this subject line.

The top three mistakes to avoid when you want to _______

This appeals not to a promise of gain but more to a fear of loss. All of us fear making mistakes, especially online where even the terminology can be confusing.

When people are not succeeding on the level they want (and most are not) they blame themselves and feel they are making mistakes. Even if they don’t know what the mistakes are, their lack of success must be their fault, right? Or so their thinking goes.

If you can share what not to do you can help readers just as much as telling them what will work for them.

I would not recommend using this one too often, because the promise of gain is a more positive and effective approach overall. But do make sure to have this arrow in your marketing quiver.

So there you have it – six tested and proven subject lines you can use in your email marketing, on your blog, or both. Try them and see what happens.