EXERCISE: Choosing Which Of Your Projects To Keep!

Today, pour yourself a cup of coffee and do this exercise:

1. Take a fresh notepad and pen with blue ink.
2. On the front of the notepad, write ‘My Projects’
3. Begin to list (in order of importance to you) your current entrepreneurial projects,
online or offline (not your job).


Next to each project, list:
  • When you began
  • How much money you have invested
  • How much time you have invested
  • How much money you have earned
  • On a scale of 1 -10, how much do you love the product or concept this business represents
  • Do you see yourself still working this business in 2 years?
  • Are you still excited when you think about it?
  • When someone asks you what you do, is this a business you think of?
If you put in more than 3 months time and have earned less than what you
started with…


If you do not feel excited at the thought of this business any longer and cannot
see yourself still being involved 2 years from now…


If you steer away from sharing it with other people when they ask what you do,
then it’s time to DROP this business.


That’s okay.


Move on to the next one on your list and continue this process until you have
narrowed it down to your top 3 – 5.


Even if,ย  you are left with some on your list where you have invested more
than you have made, but still feel very strongly about it, your strong feelings
are your best indication that this is where you want to put your efforts.


Place a big circle around each of the projects you plan on giving energy to,
and next to each one write down the action plan you need to take with each one.


If you have already begun this process with each one, place a check mark next to it.


1. Have created a capture page
2. Have created an autoresponder campaign
3. Are bringing traffic to your business or capture page


If you are not yet doing any of the 3 above, please refer to this page for more info
on how to implement those necessary marketing steps.


For one of the easiest marketing tools on the planet, check out these tools because
it’s everything you need all in ONE place.


I hope you enjoyed this exercise, it should give you some really good insight as
to where you want to place your marketing efforts.