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Phase 2 Rolls Out Coming Soon – Don’t Miss It!

Please Pay Close Attention… 

I’ve been involved with an exclusive company for the past 10 months and have been fortunate enough to travel to meet the founders and be part of our very 1st meeting in Dubai this year, and also our 2nd retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

The plans for this company are very big indeed, in Bali we were busy discussing the plans for finalization of Phase 2, the next biggest sector of our business, which is set to roll out within the next few weeks, hopefully November 1st or sooner.

This will be an exclusive Forex Training platform called Bright Academy… I know, I know, another Forex deal (yawn)… NO!

By the way, if you aren’t a fan of Forex, we just received a brand new update. There’s yet another option that will work with the compensation side of the business, so you can access a different course instead, but that will roll out sometime after launch.

..Anyhoo, READ THE REST, because this is BIG and unlike anything you’ve ever heard of!

Bright Academy 
is the perfect product to offer or use, because it teaches Forex trading in the simplest terms, as well as offers a copy signal service that is managed for you within your own trading account! This is by far my favorite option.

I know literally nothing about trading, and I’ve been able to demo the trades before we go live, and they work. If I can do this, anyone can!

Don’t worry, you DO NOT need to trade Forex if you don’t want to…

…because here’s the best part.

The income opportunity for Bright Academy will be in the form of a matrix network, complete with matching bonus and direct commissions

… and Phase 2 is ONLY the second aspect the Bright Hub! 

IMPORTANT: I have been invited to take a top position in the network. 

What this means, is that when you join with me, you are at the very top, and as thousands of people fall into the network, they will fall under you too with or without sponsoring, just by being active.

There are NO requirements to sponsor people to earn, or to have to ‘get 2 people’ to qualify.

Just by having acquired the course, and being an active member of the signal service, you can earn passively from the matrix as it fills.

People stick to their monthly membership, and that’s BECAUSE NO ONE LEAVES WHEN THEY ARE EARNING… so this creates a secure monthly income!

…and guess what? If you never thought you could ‘sponsor’ before, imagine how easy it will be for you when you can tell someone that you are earning passive income without having to sponsor!

This is how I built my business 8 years ago when I was struggling to refer people into programs that required you to sponsor.

A matrix plan is most effective because of it’s ability for spillover, and this can mean lifetime residual income for you.

It’s simple and affordable for everyone, but more importantly, it’s life changing income.

Bright Academy is a way for anyone to learn a skill and create their own economy, AND have the option to utilize the matrix network for monthly recurring income if they wish to earn more.  

Beautiful, simple back office
Team Support
Training & Tutorials
Marketing funnel and system duplication 
Incredible Affordability

Cost of the Course is a one-time $199
Signal package is $79 per month
Copy Signal Service is $149 per month

If you are sick of jumping from program to program with no real results, then you need to break that cycle with something lasting and real.

Remember this is only Phase 2… your partnership with Bright Management will be long termespecially when you see Phase 3 and so on, (just one Bright Management phase is worth billions of dollars, wait until you see what else will be coming).

Top leader positions in my network are still available, so if you’d like to know more about it, reach out to me asap!

If you’d rather just be a passive earner, you will still benefit GREATLY by getting in as soon as we launch so you are at the top as thousands of people begin pouring in (we already have thousands of people lined up waiting for the doors to the academy to open).

Whether you want a Top spot, or to be in my overall network, you can use this post to begin sharing the information with others for a November launch before anyone else gets to them!

Deadline Is Extended To August 14th (Don’t Miss This)

Have you seen the Club Cash Fund PRO offer?

This may never be offered again, and you may not realize how extremely valuable it is for you.

Only PRO members are qualified to earn fast-track commissions and these are earned through the company rotator.

The rotator reaches every single member and then starts over again, so you are guaranteed to get payments!

This offer will end on August 14th and is one of the best deals you will find anywhere online or offline.

This PRO offer allows you to step to the next PRO level but at the lower level price!

Existing members login to your back office right now and then click here to see the offer, because you only have until August 14th to take advantage, and I’d hate to see you to miss it.

Personally, I just upgraded to the 1 year PRO membership and it will give me all the benefits for an entire 12 months…

…PLUS 300 postcards sealed and delivered for me, and more!

LOGIN and watch the video about it and take action now, because this pays every single week!

Daily Earnings (how to get payments every Friday)…

Hey there, just wanted to show you something super cool that happened in the first 30-days (earnings over $730 – not bad for very little “work.”)

This cool system called Club Cash Fund has been delivering CASH direct to my mailbox every Friday like clockwork.

There are 2 options for getting started:

  1. Be an non active participant and let the company rotator system earn you some $20 commissions (slower method).
  2. Be an active participant and tell a few people for MANY more commissions.

The Club Cash Fund System literally sells itself, I’ve never seen anything like it. People LOVE it!

You can order your kit for free here and see for yourself.

Let me just show you how people are responding, check out this message I received today:

Did you notice what is highlighted in red?

Within that image you can see a ‘FAST-TRACK member. When you become a PRO member, the system GIVES you sign ups! It’s 100% worth becoming a PRO member for the sign ups alone. It’s pretty genius.

In fact, I’ve already gotten 11 FAST-TRACK sales! Check it out a few below…

Cool right?

Do yourself a favor and order the free kit today so you don’t miss out on the Friday commission run!

Here are some more commissions that came in during July, I love getting cash in the mail!

(Only available in the U.S. at this time, but I’ll let you know if anything changes. In the meantime if you live elsewhere check out the very profitable income systems on this page.

Have a great day and catch ya later 😉