Aweber Campaign Code – Message Series

If you have Aweber, use this Campaign Code:


[IMPORTANT]: Remember to hyperlink the captures pages of each of your 5 partners into the messages. Highlight the name of the report and add the capture page of your partners into each one.

You can copy these messages into your follow up series if you don’t use Aweber.

MESSAGE #1: Set to go out immediately
Welcome! About your Reports…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

It’s great to have you here.

I know your time is precious so I really appreciate
your being here, and want to see you succeed.

By now you have gotten, and hopefully read the

report on Generating Leads Like MAGIC.

Over the next few days you will continue to receive
5 one-page reports on topics in our industry that
are essential. [Be on the lookout for them]

I encourage you to read them,

use the information within,

and SHARE them with others.

Feel free to use these in your marketing
campaigns as lead magnets if you wish……

…But most of all…

USE what you’ve learned, as these
are proven and time tested methods.

For this lead generating system to work like
magic for you, it is essential that you get your
5 partners in the next 3 days.

Now go ahead and get your 5 partners over
the next 3 days.

Use their capture page’s with this system.

See you in 3 days with Report #1

Embrace Opportunity,
[your name]

P.S. Get the URL’s for each report by copying
it from the browser after opting in for the reports.

MESSAGE #2: Send 3 days later
Your Report #1: TOP 5 Traffic Sources

Hi {!firstname_fix}

How are you today?

By now you should have set the Leads Like MAGIC
system in place, and gotten your 5 partners capture
pages set up within your auto responder system.

If not, go back and do that now. [How to]

I’m thrilled to be able to share these 5 secret traffic
resources that are working right now with great success
to build a solid, responsive list!

Here is report #1 Entitled:

See you tomorrow with Report #2

Embrace Opportunity,
[your name]
MESSAGE #3: Send 1 day later
Your Report #2: TOP 7 Facebook Marketing Secrets

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I hope you are having a great day!

I was so excited to get report #2 out to you today
because it’s one that is helping so many people.

Facebook marketing can be tricky and there is so
much to learn, but here are 7 tips you can use
starting today that will help you get a real jump start!

Here is report #2 Entitled:

The TOP 7 Facebook Marketing Secrets That You Can Use For Free

See you tomorrow with Report #3

Embrace Opportunity,
[your name]

MESSAGE #4: 1 day later
Your Report #3: ONE And ONLY Tool For Serious Marketers

Hi {!firstname_fix},

How are you today?

I am getting some amazing messages about how these
reports are helping so much.

If you are finding them valuable, I’d love to hear from you too!

PLUS if you have a need for a one-page report on a subject
that you need assistance with, just let me know and I’ll see
if I can whip one up for you!

Here’s Report #3 Entitled:

See you tomorrow with Report #4

Embrace Opportunity,

[your name]

MESSAGE #5: 1 day later
Your Report #4: ONE-Step Strategy

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I hope you are having a great day!

You will love today’s report!

So few marketers are doing this, yet it
works every time..

Don’t just read this, put it to use and
when you start getting results you can
thank me later. 🙂

Here is report #4 Entitled:

See you tomorrow with Report #5

Embrace Opportunity,
[your name]

MESSAGE #6: 1 day later
Your Report #5: Reach Untapped Audiences (Hardly Anyone Is Doing This!)

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Hope today finds you feeling fantastic!

I’m delighted to give you the secret traffic
method laid out in this report, because I
know hardly anyone is doing this…

… and it works like gangbusters!

Here is report #5 Entitled:

See you tomorrow!

[your name]

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll share how I used this very
same traffic generating method you have in
your hands right now to produce over $8200
in commissions in less than 5 weeks!


Use this message to begin attracting them to your

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE: Change to fit your opportunity

This method produced $8200 in 4 1/2 weeks

Hi {!firstname_fix},

With the Leads Like MAGIC system, I developed
a list of high quality leads in a very short amount
of time.

I’m so excited that you have your hands on it now
too, so you can use it to do the same thing.

Do you work with a company or have a business,
product or service that you want to promote?

Because if you do, just put the Leads Like MAGIC
system to work for you as I’ve outlined, and in a
short amount of time you’ll have a high quality
list to recommend your offer to.

I generated over $8200 in commissions in my 1st
4 1/2 weeks because I shared an offer with my
list that made sense to almost everyone, and…

it didn’t matter that they were promoting other
opportunities, because they can use this for free
and earn money too.

Embrace Opportunity,

[your name]


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