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You most likely already know that I’ve been having great success
with this company for over 16 months now. So I felt you needed
to see the startling information  in this post.

When you start with My Advertising Pays, and get yourself some
Credit Packs, you can use the income you earn to compound
and purchase more credit packs over and over again straight from
your account’s earnings.

You will always earn $60.00 back for every $49.99 credit pack you have.

Each credit pack can earn up to $1 per day PER CREDIT PACK…

…So as an example, let’s say you have 20 credit packs and they are
conservatively earning .50 cents per day (remember it can be up to $1 per day)

20 credit packs x .50 = $10 PER DAY


$10 PER DAY x 7 Days = $70 PER WEEK


$70 PER WEEK x 4 WEEKS = $280 PER MONTH…

Imagine that each time you reach $49.99 however, you use the earnings
from your account to repurchase another credit pack that can now earn
you an additional .50 per day?

This may seem like small potatoes,but what if you started with more
credit packs, OR what if you referred some people and earned commissions
so you could buy more?

Over 180,000 people in the last 18 months have been using this as a well
oiled cash machine.. It works, but you won’t know unless you are involved.

Here is where you can get started:

To learn more and see my own personal proof go here:

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